Go See Super Troopers 2. *I’m done, I Swear*

Good morning! 

Although it’s not even really morning anymore, yours truly slept until 11:30 this morning ….. wut ….. So, that was an accident! I do have a relatively decent excuse though – I was up at the movie theater until Midnight last night watching the new Super Troopers!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me tell you all, actually you don’t have to let me because this is a blog and I can say anything now without interruption *singing freedom in choir voices*. Anyway, Rotten Tomatoes will tell you that this movie was a disaster, I’m telling you to go see it. Go see it. Go see it, right now. STOP READING AND GO! Everything about it took me back to the original in the best ways possible. The film crew created all the right references, all the right appearances, all the right twists, and all the right new stupid humor that we all don’t admit that we love. I laughed harder than I’ve laughed in a while, and since you most likely know what my blog is about, you know that means a lot to me.

With my cup of coffee looking sexy on my end table and Luke Cage looking sexy on my television screen, I’m not going to spend any more time writing about my movie theater experience.

Go see the movie. Okay, there, I’m done!

This morning I reflected on the “Why we do what we do” post that I wrote yesterday. Why did I do that? Because it made me happy to read the words I’ve been feeling for a long time – finally exposed to the grand unfamiliarity that is the world wide web. So now that the concept of my journey has been unveiled to you, I feel the need to open up about me or to “share my story”, if that’s more entertaining sounding. I suppose I feel this urge because I’m hoping to relate, somehow, to someone who’s in a similar position as I. Or maybe it’s because it’s hard to connect with a stranger online and their lifestyle changes if you know literally nothing about them and will probably never meet them. Who knew?

I am turning 25 next month, May 12th to be exact. A day that my entire life has fallen on Mothers Day, high-school graduations, weddings, college graduations, wisdom teeth surgeries, and Saturdays (when I work). Don’t get me wrong, I love my birthday (day) and celebrating these wonderful events with people that I truly care about. I even like to work on my birthday. It’s just always been a hectic time of year for me. Maybe turning 25 is the catalyst for why I feel the need to find some self-fulfillment…. I know, I know. It’s only 25 (says everyone who’s older than 25), but, if you delve past your acquired wisdom and think back to when you were on the cusp of this quarter-century crisis, can you honestly tell me that you didn’t have a moment where you thought, “Damn, I should probably get my shit together.”? If you didn’t, message me and let’s become best friends.

Here’s a brief synopsis of, what I believe, are the most interesting/important facts that one should know if they’re trying to get to know me. And, go!

I graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Geology and I’ve been a bartender ever since (3 years now). I like to tell people it’s because the Trump Administration cut all EPA funding and I can’t get a job, but really I just make super good money bar-tending. I also hate being a bartender.. so there’s that. My spell check just made me put a hyphen between bar and tending but not bar and tender, one of life’s mysteries. I know every word to “Clint Eastwood” by Gorillaz. I have two older sisters, both of which have their shit together which is not a good look pour moi. I live with my boyfriend, J. He’s a hobbyist, so we have 35 fishing poles and 1,000lbs of climbing gear in various parts of our home. We also live with his dad and brother, so expect to read about that periodically. J is dependent and I am not, and we struggle with that as a couple. I’m a hobbyist too: I dabble in photography, crocheting, candy crush, and thinking about starting to play guitar. I change my hair color every couple of months, and I think it’s the most genuine thing I do for myself. I won’t fill my gas tank until it’s on E.. I have a snake, Gatsby, she’s wonderful. I want a puppy, but J says that’s too much commitment. I love doing my makeup and I hate taking it off. I want to be obsessed with working out, but I’m not. So I’m starting a new workout program next week! See my Health + Fitness tab because that’s a whole journey of it’s own! I exhibit classic signs of having daddy issues but I won’t admit to having them. Sometimes I just don’t like cheese on my burgers and sometimes I do, I can’t explain that one. My new favorite color is yellow, it used to be green but I honestly used to just say that because all of my friends loved the color green. So… yeah. I love to paint, but I won’t paint what people tell me to. I say sorry, like, all the time. I have a strangely vast repertoire of dad jokes. I’m headed to Africa next year! See my Africa tab! (Excuse my construction as I am currently building my website so it may be empty). I sacrifice who I am often to be the person that I think others want me to. And I fucking love Brie cheese. I mean I could eat Brie literally every day. Also I hate when people use the word “literally” as an emphasis term, but I do it all the time and if that’s what makes me a hypocrite then I can live with that.

So that’s me, not all of me, because I like to think that as a woman of 25 years I’m more complex in my existence than a paragraph. However, that should be enough for you to decide if you’re interested in what I’ve got to offer. If you are, great! I’m happy to have you aboard. If not, hopefully we meet again somehow! I intend, through this blog, to really dive deep into a lot of the things I just listed about myself; and to hopefully filter out a lot of the “buts” that I’m now seeing in there.

And now I’m headed to the local Wegman’s to grocery shop for my meal-prepping that I’ll be sharing with you all on Sunday! When I get to see my best friend, Lauren! Who lives in Philly now! A place that gives me mucho anxiety!

Have a wonderful Wednesday y’all! It’s rainy here but I have super cute yellow rain boots so I’m rolling with it.

Think of me at 12:00AM EST tonight while I’m closing up the bar!

Peace, loooooveeeee, and elephaaaaantssssss,


One thought on “Go See Super Troopers 2. *I’m done, I Swear*

  1. I am now wanting to see it so badly.
    My blog is under construction too. I try fixing it, revamping it deleting and re-adding posts properly, kinda but mainly, I pitter patter through the menus trying to convince myself I’m doing something~ Hopefully I get it together soon.


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