Day 2:80 If You’re Checking Back: I’m Sore!

Hello, Hello Beauties! Yes my men, you’re beauties too!

Happy Wednesday! Or in my case, booty day!

Today’s workout, literally titled “Booty”, was all about working the junk in the trunk and backing that thang up. Does that sound stupid? Sure does! Was it super fun to say? You bet! Most importantly, do I care what anyone thinks about the phrases I choose? HELL TO THE NO! I don’t. At all. Sorry, not sorry. (Quick shoutout to my girl Demi Lovato!)

This morning when I woke up I felt pretty good! Some things I noticed:

  • I slept like a log last night. Seriously, I didn’t even wake up when J came home from closing the bar and I’m always complaining to him about how he’s too loud while I’m sleeping.. So if this performance recharge helps me to get some shut-eye despite my elephant foot boyfriend, then there’s a HUGE positive!
  • I was tender in certain areas from yesterday’s workout, but I wasn’t aching to the point of not wanting to get up. It was manageable!
  • I felt so energized. Team, I woke up on my own at 7 o’clock this morning. Holy shirt balls. That’s mad early for me.
  • I was excited to do it all again today!

J works for his fathers automated gate company, which they run out of our house. So, he was out in the driveway packing up the work van for the day while I set up downstairs for my morning workout! He suggested that I workout outside, since the weather was gorgeous; but despite my “I don’t give a f*uck what anyone thinks anymore” attitude, I still like a little privacy when I’m getting my sweat on. But it waaaas so nice outside….. and I workout in the basement which is sort of like a nice dungeon…..

Alas! Compromise! I would open the basement door and let all the fresh air and sunshine goodness into the basement!

So, I hopped outside – all excited by my great idea. I lift up the corroded steel basement door and lo and behold a FREAKING SNAKE is just hanging out right on the stairs underneath them. I shrieked for J – which resulted in himself, his brother, and his father all coming to see what the matter was – and ran away. Of course, they all proceeded to identify exactly what snake it was and laugh at me because they (a group of snake-o-dile Dundees) knew that it was neither poisonous nor scary. She was a mama corn snake, small by J’s standards and BIG by mine. If I for any reason needed a little extra jolt of energy before “Booty” work, I got it from that sleepy reptile!

Wilin’ out and ready to go, I kicked ass in my ass class!

I’ve officially decided that the key to success with any hard workout is a killer playlist. I was singing and dancing the whole time – even grooving through some of the moves! Before I knew it, I was huffing and puffing and I blew the whole workout over. So my word of advice from today: get yourself some good, solid tunes! I’d be happy to share my workout playlist with anyone needing some suggestions! *Fair warning: I get hood when I workout.*

After I was all done I was perusing through insta and I saw a pretty incredible quote from a book that my Beachbody Coach is reading. It goes as follows “When you succumb to fear, you are under the illusion that you can predict the future.”


That one hits home for me, especially today. I have a prime example right here, right now to back up why I truly believe that this quote is true. As I’ve previously mentioned – I’m currently in the midst of planning a pretty big trip to volunteer in Zimbabwe next year. I’ve told my mom. I’ve told my dad. However, I haven’t told my sisters. Growing up my two older sisters basically raised me at times, and they’ve since been constantly protective of me. I understand it! I’m the baby! It’s ok! But I was honestly afraid to tell them about my solo-travel plans, mainly because I didn’t want to hear a negative response. I thought about that quote, put my fear on straight pause, called my oldest sister, and I told her.

Guess what guys.

SHE WAS THRILLED FOR ME! Of course a small part of her is nervous for my safety, but she was literally in tears of joy and ultimately over the moon about my step toward self-discovery. We talked for an hour after that about my plans and her ideas and it was a wonderful conversation! Do you see

I haven’t ever seen an inspirational quote before and thought, “maybe I should try to apply that to my life”. That seemed too cliché for my standards. Or…. too cliché for what I thought should be my standards? Hmm… I feel some personal development brewing here. It was an opportunity for a change, so a change I made!

Comment below with some of your favorite inspirational quotes!






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